Bone Meal

“Boost plant growth naturally with bone meal, a nutrient-rich organic fertilizer derived from animal bones. Enhance soil health and promote strong root development for vibrant and flourishing plants.”

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Bone Meal : Low rice, good source of high-quality protein, and can replace part of fishmeal and soybean meal, can reduce feed costs, and can effectively improve the quality of the product.
Scope of application: Fox, mink, badger-like animal, livestock, poultry, fish, pets and other animals.
Packing: 25, 50 kg PP bag packaging.

Product Name: High-Quality Bone Meal Animal Feed

Our high-quality meal animal feed is a natural and nutritious source of essential minerals and nutrients for livestock and poultry. It is derived from carefully selected and processed animal bones, ensuring maximum nutritional value for your animals. The meal is finely ground for easy digestion and absorption, making it an ideal supplement to support the overall health and well-being of your animals.

Additional Information:
 Use  Cattle, Dog, Horse, Pig, Chicken
 Item Code Bone Meal
Quality Grade A
Crude protein min 50%
Origin  Ukraine
 Fat max 10%
 Packaging Details  As Per Buyer Requirement
 OEM  Accepted

The main indicators:

Crude protein min 50%,
Moisture max 10%,
Ash max 25%,
Fat max 10%,
Phosphorus content min 4%,
Calcium min 8%.
Origin: Ukraine

Usage: Aquatic products, pet, poultry, livestock, fox, sable, badger-like and so on.
Packing options: 50kg/25kg PP/PE Export bags/big bags bulk in container(Package according to the customers’s requirements. )bone meal


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